Solid Oak Stair Cladding Tread 1500mm

Solid Oak Stair Cladding Tread 1500mm
Solid Oak Stair Cladding Tread 1500mm Solid Oak Stair Cladding Tread 1500mm Solid Oak Stair Cladding Tread 1500mm
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Solid Oak Treads 1500mm x 250mm x 20mm

1500mm Treads & Risers are usually used with 1300mm Extension boards to cover Kite Winders or extra wide steps

Our Solid Oak Stair Cladding Treads are manufactured in the UK from 20mm solid White Oak. There are no joins in either the Tread or the Riser; both are manufactured from one solid piece of oak. These are not engineered boards

The stair cladding treads are supplied in the dimensions below, simply cut the boards to size and stick them over your existing stair steps using a flexible polymer adhesive.

Solid Oak Stair Cladding Dimensions

  • Solid Oak Stair Cladding Treads 20mm x 1500mm x 250mm

The solid oak stair treads are supplied with a groove on the back edge to allow Stair Cladding Extension boards to slot into them to cover small landing areas. For larger areas you can use our T&G solid oak flooring.

The risers are fixed with polymer adhesive into the groove on the underside of the new tread, in front of your existing round nosing. The bottom edged of your new riser will need to be packed out from the old riser using any suitable timber making it straight and parallel to the old, cloaking your old steps with solid oak. It is important to screw the packing timber to your existing stairs and stick the new riser to the packer with polymer adhesive

You need to determine what flooring you are putting on your top landing

Carpet - If you are having carpet on your top landing then you bring the carpet over the front nose of your very top tread and start your stair cladding with a riser under your top nosing covered in carpet

Oak Ledged Door Solid Oak Flooring - If you are covering your top landing with our solid Oak Flooring then apply a tread to the top landing and butt the flooring to it 

Engineered Flooring or Laminate - If you are covering your landing with a wooden or laminate floor then we can supply a narrow top landing tread manufactured to your thickness of flooring. Remember that most laminate flooring and engineered flooring require underlay that increases the overall thickness of the floor. Your flooring can then be butted up to the narrow top landing tread supplied

The Solid Oak Stair Cladding is supplied smooth and unfinished ready for you to apply an Oil, Varnish or Lacquer finish to your cladding. We suggest you apply a first, sealing, coat to your cladding before installation and then a top finishing coat after installation


We recommend that you start installing the Stair Cladding at the top of your stairs. Measure and cut all of your treads & risers to size and then apply your first coat of finish.

Measure the protrusion of your existing stair nosing from the face of the existing riser on the underside of the tread to the very front of the nosing. This will give you the dimension for your riser packers. Cut and screw your packers into place.

Starting at the top of your stairs, stick your top tread into place using Polymer Adhesive. The riser is pushed up into the groove on the bottom edge of the tread and stuck to the packer with polymer adhesive. The next tread is pushed up to the first riser and the sequence is repeated all the way down your staircase.

Once the adhesive has dried you can then apply your top coat of finish


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